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History of Fixie

 The word fixie fixed gear taken from the word meaning "rear wheels are made ​​to die". So if want nge-brake, just hold the pedal round towards the back (not need to use the front brake).

So make that the hooked "gowes" and want to have a fixie bikes must follow SilverQueen exciting promo Bike to relax. Through this promo SilverQueen want to-for the 200 Honda Accord for its loyal fans. There are also weekly prizes of cash that would make the show "gowes" you added fun.

Come on what are you waiting?! Includes search SilverQueen logo promo in stores nearest to win the prize until the close end of this year (December 31, 2011). When else can nikmatin SilverQueen delicious flavors, chocolate with cashews savory and delicious, while "gowes" honda that cool.


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