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Measures cycling Fixie

Fixie Bike today not only a means of transport or a bike track bike messeger commonly competed in the Velodrome. Fixie has become everyday decoration around the world and ground water as a lifestyle and a healthy means of transport, cheap, simple, fast and of course environmentally friendly.
Very closely with the popular Fixie Bike Messenger because of three things simplicity, unbreakability and unstealability (fixie riders will feel the sensation of the following three above the fixie).

Previously zonasepeda have discussed the history and the beginning of the fixie bike appeared in the world, this time the editors try to give tips and tricks how fixie cycling safe and convenient course.
Measures - measures cycling Fixie:1. Select a bike Fixied Gear:- How easy and simple to get a bike fixie bikes are built from old bike that usually has 10 acceleration (old school racing bike), which is certainly cheaper and very easy on the custom.- Make sure both sides of the dropouts are horizontal dropouts, vertical dropouts do not allow for adjustment of the tension level of the chain.- Some of the rider to change the original dropout vertical to a horizontal to make the dremmel.- If it is too complicated to modify long been a fixed gear bike, you can buy a frame so that today many in the market (unbranded).- Giant or Bianchi Pista track, is one option if you do not want the worry about the modifications and assemble a single-gear bicycle, and of course price and slightly swollen compared to the budget you build your own bike is no freewheel.- When the initial build or select a fixie bike, we'd mess around with a choice of front and rear gear, the option will use the brake (break) or not.- Choice of low gear and the addition of front brake, now is a widely used option.- Choose Frame Fixie with angle seat stay and seat tube is not too steep (roadbike racing in general at this time), it makes you comfortable on top of the frame with a sloping angle.
2. Just Need to Play the Pedal:- It sounds very simple, but if you do not look when controlling fixie, it will turn around and fixie will control you. The consequence is a fall and other things that tentukanya unpleasant.- It took a while to get a fixie cycling comfort, with a concentration between the pedals round the track is a must.
3. Practicing to stop the fixie:- Practice and exercise were randomly assigned to stop the bike fixie, so help your mastery of fixied gear.- Choice of using the front brake is a good start to begin practicing stoping. When there is slippage when doing back-pedal, you do not need to panic because there is still a front brake. As practicing menggunkana back-pedal for stoping and slow the pace, the front brake you will not need anymore.- If you do not learn to stop the fixie from now, the possibility of loss control and injury to a very large place.
4. Remove the Cycling Computer and Heart Rate Monitor:- If before you are accustomed to using the speedo meter or even detecting the heart rate (heart rate monitor), lepaslah all these devices and your fixie, fixie bike riding nikmatikah like when we were children.
5. Learn to set your own pace:- Practicing for speeding and stop when the above is the recommended fixie. For example when facing a traffic light green light, if the light turns green and your position is still far away do not be forced to go fast after him, as best you Condition pedals, many cases of accidents that befell fixie riders because a sudden stop at a red light.


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