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This is the History of Folding Bicycles

Sally will not appear if a bicycle was invented. Historians might never be able to identify when the bicycle was invented. Some people claim, Leonardo Da Vinci created a bike based on sketches found in the Codex Atlanticus. Although the sketch was declared a fake, Da Vinci is still known as the creator of the bike.

Previously, there were some 'pre-bike' (PS) that was created before the bike up. PS first may be an 'celerifere' which was developed by a Frenchman named Mede de Sivrac in 1790. PS consists of two wheels connected by an iron that is designed like a horse or lion.There was no mechanism to drive or pedal on the PS that is used to entertain these rich people. In 1818, Baron Karl von Drais of Germany shows 'Draisienne' in Paris, but the PS is still no pedal. In 1860, Ernest Michaux and his brother Pierre menambkan pedals on the front wheels and is called 'Velocipede'.In 1885 when the British advanced bicycle technology, 'ordinary bicycle' also appears. There is competition recognizes Seli and documenting it all with very convincing. There are several patent documents that refer to 'tricycle' from 1880 Bayliss Thomas of companies in England and the Pope Manufacturing Company in the United States (U.S.).British man believed to be the inventor William Grout Seli in 1878 but then finding a folding front wheel and frame can be dismantled to make better known as the bikes 'portable'. In 1980, two significant historical events occurred Seli. First, Andrew Ritchie Sally Brompton began producing in 1981.Then in 1982, Dr. David Hon Sally began producing the first Dahon. Both brands are very well known until now. Dahon itself become the world's largest maker Seli with 60% market share. Hon Sally first called 'Da Bike'. Over time, the popularity of Seli increasingly known mainly in Europe, Asia and U.S. cities.Currently there are more than 100 makers Seli and the number continues to grow. In conclusion, the relative Seli real history and not fully comprehensive because it will continue to grow as time passes.


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