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BMX Elegan and Simple

Mike Mastroni Bike CheckMike Mastroni Bike Check
Mike Mastroni Bike Check[Laughs] Well, I’m always doing different paint jobs on my bike, so I thought it would be funny do a cow bike in relation to my cow-to-cow gap in the first OSS DVD, Football. Ever since the video came out I’ve had numerous funny exchanges while meeting people where they may or may not have known my name, but will just come at me straight-away with, “Ayyy…cow to cowwww!” It has happened so many times now that the cow jokes have become a funny thing between my friends and I. So yeah, I guess that’s the history there [laughs]…that, and I think it looks pretty cool.

How did you do it? There’s even a Volume logo made from cow spots…
I simply painted the bike black, then took a bunch of random stickers I had laying around and drew blob-like cow shapes and letters, cut them out, then lightly stuck them on the frame and forks, and then sprayed it all white.

Which parts do you go through the most?

To tell you the truth I rarely ever break anything or damage too much on my bike besides scratches and scuffs…maybe grips? Since trying to film one handlebar grind or something similar will ruin them pretty quickly.
How many gallons of milk do go through a week?
I actually probably drink less than one gallon of milk in an entire year.
Describe your bike setup and how you like your bike to feel…
I like a somewhat short rear end, bars on the higher side, and everything to feel comfy, responsive, tight, not too much air pressure, soft grips, etc… But everyone who rides my bike always says it feels like a giant sponge.
Describe the best cow related punch line/joke you’ve heard in reference to your new paint job?
[Laughs] There are entirely too many to name or remember the best one. When I was trying that thing the other day I think I heard you do easily 50 that could be worthy of being the best one.
Thanks. Well, I think I milked the cow jokes enough, so what is the weirdest part you’ve managed to grind on your bike? 
Probably stem or frame. The stem grind setup was basically one of those complete portable entry ramps to California school buildings tipped over on it’s side, so there was essentially a floating rail with no uprights giving my front wheel clearance. I rode parallel to it, turned 90 degrees and pushed the bars to grind the underside of my stem on the top surface of the rail, then came out fakie. The frame grind was on a long, mellow, skinny pole jam. I basically rode up to it and hopped sideways into what would normally be something similar to a crankarm position, but on my rear foot side and a little higher up on the downtube so my feet/cranks wouldn’t interfere with the frame contact.
What suffers the most on your bike when you come up with these unique ideas you’re known for? And if you could design a bike part or a feature that catered to your style of riding, what would it be?
Overall, just unusual scratches and scuffs, or water getting into my hubs and bearings, maybe? Hmmm…a square downtube or a bayonet-style peg jutting out from the stem? [Laughs] Nah, but really I think any sort of serious modifications for a certain trick like that would just take the novelty right out of it, and that’s the most fun part for me.


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