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Five Reasons Cycling To Work

bike to work indonesia
Impressed extremely simple and straightforward. A means of transport which are already highly worldwide, along with the development of today's bike is not just a simple transportation tool again. The bike is now a vital means of transport especially crowded major-engined vehicles.

Did you know cycling to work is now highly worldwide, in addition to berkembangannya the issue of global warming and the sesaknya roads because of means of transport-means of transport, the bicycle became the 
current selection."Bike To Work", a slogan that is vivid and we hear rarely plastered on the streets not only in Indonesia but in foreign countries. Actually are reason to use a bicycle to the Office or globally can say "reason to cycle to work".The following more detailed explanations of the Cycling Plus, reason why we have to cycling to work.
1. Feeling always happy and joyous
Cycling can help you improve your self-confidence in addition to fitness you can be. Spending time outside (outdoor), will be very comforting to you, this is thanks to the ability of sunlight can increase Hormone "Serotonin".

So if you are feeling stress due to long and too long to the front office desk, it's time you cycling and enjoying the sunshine. In the Office you will only get 300lux from the lamp lighting and sunlight that enters the Office, out of Office you will get sunburn despite 1000lux overcast weather. During a full day of sunlight reaching the 10,000-25,000 lux. So what are you waiting for, feel the stress in front office desk, grab a bike and berkelilinglah for a moment.

The benefits of getting more sunlight, you will get a better quality of sleep. Stanford University School of Medicine Research about it, many sufferers of insomnia (hard sleeper), performing with cycling enough refresing 20-30 minutes each day, as a result of their sleep time is still continuing.

Professor Jim Horne from Loughborough University's Sleep Research Centre explains, "exercise outside when the Sun is good", "This helped get the rhythm back to normal sleep, hormone support healthy sleep-back to normal".

2. long life
Dr. Lynn Cherkas from King's College London, said "our research found that those who exercise regularly are very low risk of heart disease, type II diabetes, all types of cancer, high blood pressure and obesity".

According to the United Kingdom Heart Foundation, about 10,000 fatal heart attacks could be avoided each year if the condition of someone always in shape. A study from Purdue University in the United States have shown that biking with regularly – even at least 20 miles a week – can reduce the risk of heart disease by up to 50 percent.

Cycling can also prevent you from digestive diseases, according to Dr. Ana Raimundo "physical activity helps reduce the time it takes the food moves through the colon, limiting the amount of water absorbed back into your body and make your stools become soft."

Doing aerobic exercise like biking also helps speed up the heart rate and breathing, which helps to stimulate intestinal muscle contractions more regular. "As well as prevent you from feeling bloated and protect against colon cancer," explains Dr. Raimundo.

3. cost-effective Transportation
For the reason that this one's for sure and very clear, according to the Transportation Research Board in the United Kingdom, the annual costs of car ownership in the United Kingdom are around £ 5869, the most notable is the cost of fuel.
Compare it with the price of fuel per liter, compared to how much sweat do we eject with bonus healthy.

Great Dinegara-negara who have no natural results for sports into fuel, fuel raw materials obtained from other countries. And of course concerned sometimes depends very much with pengexport oil should even owe. There is no harm if we start to think about how our oil reserves, thinning is time cycling and petrified reducing fuel consumption is excessive.
4. the Diet Solution
A dream for everyone to get an ideal body weight, obesity is very becomes a scourge for many, excess body weight are prone to disease.

Sports psychologist found that the rate of body metabolism – can be in the efisienkan burn calories and fat.
Burning calories and fat, not only happen when you are cycling but after the break after cycling it still happens.
"Even after cycling for 30 minutes you can burn with higher amounts of total calories for hours after you stop," said Mark Simpson, Loughborough University.

Many people who want to lose weight thinking to do jogging outside the home, maybe this is the way to start your diet with exercise.
But when it turns out not jogging can be optimally burn fat, think about it: two to three times your body weight into your body when the load through indirect stamping their feet on the ground.

Otherwise, start biking – most of the weight you are captured and imprisoned by the saddle so that the frame of the body and your joints do not have direct contact with the ground.

One of the advantages of the most interesting of cycling for the purpose of health and fitness is you, combined with a bike ride to work (bike to work), come early and feel fitter arrived at the places of work.

You will also become more fit from day to day without any physical exercise, and feel and look younger.According to the National Forum for coronary heart disease Foundation in the United States, the person routines common to enjoy cycling fitness level equal to that of people 10 years younger. Very remarkable wonders and benefits of cycling.

5. Save The Earth (save Earth)
Go Green, I hope it is not just a slogan for most people. Start with cycling, with the little things that you contribute greatly in the role of save the Earth is increasingly filled with pollution.

It takes a little over 5% of the material car to make the bike, and the bike is zero pollution. Can dibanyangkan 1 piece car could make how many bikes.
Pollution became a scourge in many large cities, crowded streets very dirty air effect not only on our bodies but on Earth shelter we live. So what are you waiting for start of cycling and save the Earth.


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