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Muntain Bike

No doubt Polygon is a domestic manufacturer of bicycles in the bicycle on development seriously. This time his latest products issued a Polygon is a development of the old products they are selling sweet on the market within the country.Polygon Xtrada and Premier are familiar in our ears. Polygon Xtrada and Primier an awful lot we encounter such things dijalanan proves that the polygon is able to compete with products overseas continued MTB flooded the market.
To remain competitive and satisfy the fans of Indonesian mountain bike through its site removing the series Polygon latest Polygon Xtrada 2009, Premier and premier 2009 latest version polygon labeled "Polygon; available for PREMIER 1.0 type Gent (men) and Lady (woman).
For the latest version of Xtrada which is the legendary bike Polygon labeled "Polygon Polygon XTRADA XTRADA 2.0 and 4.0 ° special type for Xtrada 4.0 available for type Gent (men) and Lady (woman).


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