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Ontel Fond of going along

Fond of going along those bikes can indeed be enjoyed alone. However, the local community joined also does no harm. Many older bikes belong to onthelis which still need to be "built" on the basis of the spirit of the original form to return to the beginning. The limitations of the situation and the limitations of the availability of spare parts references make the onthelis then naturally interact with each other to exchange information and Exchange parts. Bicycle going along those pretty unpopular, makes everyone easily merged with local communities in their respective regions. Although the price of a bicycle going along those the day the soaring, but the community looks quite the gusto grew. Perhaps it is due to issue a bicycle going along those is a simple matter:
> Pocket
> easy driving
> easy to store
> does not require ownership papers
> no need to pay annual tax
> requires no fuel
> low maintenance costs
> nourish the body.


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