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Enormity of the bicycle ontel

Bicycle, which is sometimes called camel bike, bicycle bed and board, or pit pancal is a standard bicycle tire sizes 28 inches and commonly used by urban communities until the 70's. A variety of bicycle brands from various countries circulated in Indonesia market. In the premium segment there are a number of brands such as Fongers, Gazelle and Sunbeam. Later in the segment below it filled some famous brands such as Simplex, Burgers, Raleigh, Humber, Rudge, Batavus, Phillips and NSU.
In our society, old bikes are known by several titles, such as  
Ontel, dungarees, beetles and sundung. The origin of the word dungarees jingke (Betawi, meaning tiptoe), so when riding a bike, we must berjingke so high. If Ontel, meaning diontel or dikayuh.
Then in the 70's existence began to be shifted by bicycle bike more compact-sized jeans. both of the height and length and the design does not differentiate between male or female rider. Bicycle jeans are quite popular at that time was the Phoenix brand from China. Furthermore, bike jeans in the 80's also started aka replaced by mountain bike Mountain Bike till now.
Predilection towards people, especially in Bali bicycle appeared right along with the development of the global warming issue and enforcement of car free day Denpasar city government could be that, when the fuel is getting more expensive and less air pollution control, community bike will be one of the front guard to socialize again the importance of eco-friendly.


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