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Hunting Farm Bicycle

In an age full of high mobility, as now, the various means of transportation are available to provide convenience for the people of Yogyakarta. But of the many and varied existing transportation, bike types Onthel managed to become one of the peculiarities of this city. In addition to the oldest types of bicycles, bicycle also includes the first type that comes into the city of Yogyakarta.
Bicycle began to get into Indonesia, particularly the Sultanate of this, in the 20th century, or rather in 1900. At first pedal bike is only used by Dutch colonial officials and nobles, who then began to be used followed by the rich and the missionaries. In the early days of his arrival, at the Jogja jumlahsepeda from Europe are just a few. But in the 1950s, this transport equipment began arriving in large quantities, and the wider community can enjoy.

Currently the Onthel still shows its existence in Yogyakarta, in the midst of the many other modern transportation. Even in the city that never got the nickname '70an city bike this year, Onthel became one of the collectors hunt for old bikes from Indonesia and overseas. This is because Yogyakarta has many types of antique bicycle from various famous brands.The form is classic and unique, as well as historical value contained of this transport is the main attraction for connoisseurs and collectors bike. In addition to citizens who have a bicycle to date, usually a hereditary gift of 2 or more generations above them. So that kind of bike this one has its own story and romance to the owners. The prestige of having sepda onthel with famous brands that are no longer produced also become more value.Call it the European-made brands such as Gazelle, Fongers, Simplex, Humber, Phillips, Reliegh as well as many other brands that are spread in this city. The collector bikes are usually willing to roam up to a remote village to find bicycle. But in some places such as markets and Prambanan Pugeran bike in there too much, so the buyer or can be directly onthel lovers here.Do not be surprised with the price offered bicycle, that in fact he was already quite an old man. For well-known brands such as Gazelle can be worth up to 5 million dollars. Even if the conditions are still better able to reach 20 million dollars more. While other brands, for the price is also based on the quality of goods and bicycle series, the more rare and antique certainly more expensive.


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