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Mountain Bike

Or mountain bike (All Terrain Bike / ATB) is a bicycle that is used in heavy terrain. Diperkenalan first time in 1970, by users of the bike in the hills of San Francisco.
Since that time the world knows this mountain bike. Its characteristics is a lightweight, form a framework made ​​of steel, aluminum and most recently using carbon fiber composite materials (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic)
Sepeda gunung tipe X-Country

and using the shock absorber, shock absorbers. While the tire is used that has the ability to grip the ground with great force. 18-27 gear mountain bike has a move that allows you to adjust the speed and convenience in the pedal. Mountain bike with 27 gears means having a front crankset with 3 discs and cassette sprockets with 9 discs. So 3 x 9 = 27 different speed levels.


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