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Types of bikes

Now the bike has a different name and model. Grouping is usually based on function and size.

    1.   Mountain bike for off-road with a strong frame, a suspension, and a combination of speed to 27.
    2.   Road bike for road racing, the overall weight that is light, smooth tires to reduce friction with the road, the combination of speeds up to 27
     3.  BMX bikes, BMX is short for bicycle moto-cross, widely used for the attraction
     4.  Mini-bikes are included in this group are the bicycles of children, both two-wheeled or three-wheeled
     5.  Bicycle transportation-included in this group are moped, bicycle post
     6.  Folding bicycle, a type of bike that folds in seconds so it can be taken anywhere with ease
     7.  Racing Bicycles - Bicycles are the semi-circle model handlers and used for racing.


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