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Tips and Tricks

1. Practicing in a safe place remote area (a safe place and away from heavy traffic). -Practicing in a safe place from the heavy traffic makes you more Adept fixie bike ride without fear of any taxi That does not see you on the road. 2. Skid Stop Practicing - The practice stopped with the rear wheels skid on the wet grass greatly helps your skills berfixie ria in the streets. 3. Avoid using a shoe lace - Make sure your shoes without Laces, these shoelaces to Prevent Pls entry into the chainring the chain moves. If forced to use a lace-up shoes Make sure your shoelaces in a safe position. 4. Consider the chain tension - Always control the level of tension the chain, this is to Prevent the chain regardless of the chainring, even in cases of fatal chain chainring melukain foot rider.

5. Migrating to clipless pedals - clipless pedals Bergantilah to if you already feel comfortable biking fixie. If it is too less comfortable Because of clipless pedals must use a special bike shoes, you can use toe clips or clip basketball model. - By using clipless pedals Pls effective than pedaling, stopping Pls also Provide comfort or Slowing the pace of your fixie bike.
6. Prepare always lock 15mm - Generally Fixie hubs do not have a quick release, so We need the key 15 "to Loosen the bolts and adjust the chain tension. Tension the chain is the" URGENT "on the fixie bike.
7. Knee warming before cycling - Because the fixie bike has only one speed, many riders complained of knee straining or cramping Pls only A Few kilometers of cycling. This is due to the lack of a light warm-up before cycling.
8. Replacing brakes is a good idea (optional) - Cycling fixie without brakes is something unique and Hone biking skills. Stop the bike by relying pressure on the knee injury Certainly Could have an effect. This opinion is Considered optional, many fixie riders have for years without brakes fixed without a problem.
9. Ask your friends to help train up the Fixie - There is no shame for our friends help you up the fixie, practice together and sharing experiences helps you Become expert fixie riding.


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