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Unique Folding bikes at Eurobike Show 2009 Global

Bicycle Exhibition Event "The Global Eurobike Show" in 2009 took place in Friedrichshafen Germany 2 to 5 September 2009, the exhibition showcased the mainstay products of the major bicycle manufacturers from around the world especially Europe.
Motorized bicycle is one of the highlights on DemoDay 1 September 2009. Lightweight motorized bicycle is not a new thing in the bicycle industry. Bicycle manufacturer from New Zealand Yike Bike, Folding Bike give new eroboson.

Folding bike usual we know it looks very sleek, Yike Bike engined ultra slimmer and lighter.

Yike Bike Total Weight less than 9.8kg (not much different from road bikes Allu), in addition to mild Yike bike folds very neatly.
The front of the bike there and baterray motor. Yike Yike Bike compact making is one of the folding bike is very portable.

Yike Bike little machine capable of driving up to 20km / h. Yike bike riders maximum height is 193cm and weighs 100kg. This bike will likely be released in early 2010 at a price just fantastic, Yike bike sold for 3500 euros or more or less 50jt dollars.
EuroBike still going on, vendors compete to showcase their flagship products ranging from MTB, Roadbike up the bikes with mutakir technology.
Yeti's ASR-5C trail bike is one you are the Yeti's Bike diajang it. Orbea bike does not want to miss, Orbea Orca for Road and Alma for MTB is one you are the Orbea in 2010.

There are many other new bikes in 2010 that the title at the Eurobike Show in 2009 as The Global Pinarelo Dogma 60.1, Cervelo S3 and Litespeed, continue to follow his review in Happy Cycling,


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