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Bicycle Design Book Indonesia

Books by Dudi Wiyancoko, Chairman of the Division of industrial Product Design, FSRD Bandung Institute of technology, it's very interesting to be listened to. Various things about the development and dynamics of the design, including complete race bicycle design featured in it. The bike is now more fashionable. The rise of the healthy lifestyle, care for the environment, and the emergence of the various communities making cyclists bike symbol, a middle-class lifestyle of the city. Bike mirror user identity: identifies mountain bike active figure and tough, folding bicycles reflects personal supple and practical.
What kind of bicycle of the future? In addition to the load at a glance the history of bicycling and the dynamics of community of cyclists in Indonesia, this book showcases a variety of bicycle designers work that gathered Indonesia passes four times for Polygon Bike Design Competitions since 2005. Exploration of the figure of the bike, otak-atik order and wheels, as well as fun to get creative finding new forms of the bike by the designers prove that Indonesia not only can wear, but are also able to create a bike with innovative design.

There are two important messages as the opening words of the book that is worth to ponder. The first "Bicycle has the power to move the user in order to communicate, exchanging experience, and meets a wide range of community". While the message is both more leads to technical design of the bike, "in the design of the bike there is no structure, colors, shapes and components are designed without function.Must all refer to the function ".

Go deeper, this book reviews the more detailed stuff. Of which:
-Bicycles and Community
-Historical Record Bike
-The development of bicycles in Indonesia
-In Passing Stub Polygon
-Design, the bike and the community
-Design a bike for All
-Designing A Bike
Types Of Bikes
-Tips To Design Bikes
-Polygon Bike Design Competition

The idea of writing this book departs from the desire to advance in bicycle design while Indonesia appreciates the results of creativity. Bicycle Design Book Indonesia also summarize the notes about Polygon bike design as support to industry "of the" children of the country. With this book, the result of the work product designer bike when the Polygon Bike Design Competition can be documented, so it could be a reference and is protected from cribbing others. Design ideas competition produced during the years, when arranged in such a way, is actually a database of ideas that are very valuable and creative form of appreciation for the creativity and the country.

"I so far haven't found a book on the design of the bike by the child's own country were so interesting as this book. This rare book needs to be read by the entire community and bike lovers who care about creativity, health, and the environment. "--Andi. A. Mallarangeng, Affairs Republic Of Indonesia

"This book is a record of the initiative of Dr. Dudy Wiyancoko in building partnerships between universities and industry, as well as the contribution of the national bike ITB citizens to the development of innovation for the community Indonesia."--Akhmaloka, Rector of the Bandung Institute of technology

"This book gives important insight about what that design bicycle, bicycle industry, and the benefits of cycling. More important is the benefits of bicycle design to build a community of cyclists. A result of observation and analysis of the Bung Dudy remarkable. "-Toto Sugito, Chairman of Community Bike to Work Indonesia

"After reading the book, I realized that cycling was very spiritual. In addition can blend with nature without pollution, biking has also become a means of building relationships with community horizontal around us. The bike is also a real example of future marketing, Product Marketing 3.0. "--Hermawan Kartajaya, Marketing Experts, MarkPlus Inc


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