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Polygon Full Suspension Mountain Bike

POLYGON is a brand of bicycle made in indonesia, famous not only in indonesia but also in the asia-Pacific region. POLYGONcyle has a variety of products including bike is a type of mountain bike and bicycle racing. Mountain bikes are more familiar with MTB Mountain Bikes and bike or racing we know with a Road Bike.This time it zonasepeda give you pricing info mountain bike MTB type Polygon. Polygon produces 2 types of MTB, i.e. type of HARDTAIL and FULL 
....SUSPENSION. After the previous info on price and specifications Polyogn Hardtail mountain bike, this time trying to gather pricing information Zonasepeda mountain bike "POLYGON MOUNTAIN BIKE FULL SUSPENSION". Info POLYGON full suspension this time whether Royal Series which is a High level Polygon but also Full bike info Sups entry level POLYGON.

Full Supension mountain bike MTB, is with rear suspension and front (Double Suspension). MTB Fullsuspension, invented for comfort on the field
for example, a heavy Downhill, snowboard Freeride and cross-country.

The following pricing Info Bike MTB FULL SUSPENSION Category POLYGON (specs and price 2010):


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